New releases and selection of works as a composer/arranger


New releases and selection of works as a composer/arranger

Charles and Joe.  A collection of the greatest compositions of Charles Mingus and Joe Henderson completely rearranged and re-orchestrated by Gianluca Renzi for this Italian All Stars Ensamble. The band includes Fabrizio Bosso, Andy Gravish, Roberto Rossi, Daniele Tittarelli, Maurizio Giammarco, Max Ionata, Dario Cecchini, Pietro Lussu e Lorenzo Tucci. You can purchase the recording on Itunes.

The second work as a leader... This is the second work as a leader by Gianluca Renzi after he has been selected among the best European talents in 2007. The record includes mainly originals and some arrangements of known Jazz compositions. The band is a sextet with alto sax, Tenor sax, Trombone, Piano and Keyboards, Bass and Drums. Here's the links on  Itunes.

The first work as a leader in the European Jazz scene. This is the record which signed the entering of Gianluca Renzi in the Italian and European Jazz scene as a band leader. This work got amazing reviews from the italian music magazines (Musica Jazz and Jazz It) and contains only original compositions for sextet. The line up is Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Piano, Bass and Drums. Here's the links on Itunes

In My Soul, the first song of this amazing CD. One of Gianluca Renzi's favorite composition is the opening song of this amazing CD. "In my soul", originally released on the CD "Don't Stop you mind" and composed for sextet, has been completely rearranged for big band. You can purchase the record on Itunes.

Here's the Captain  is one of Gianluca Renzi's  composition arranged for this amazing Big Band led by Orrin Evans. The same composition is also featured on the record Live At The Blue Note Tokyo by the Giovanni Mirabassi trio. You can purchase the record on Itunes.

Original Arrangement of "Involution" by Sorin Zlat
The Global Big Band

Original Arrangement of "Laura" by David Raskin
Rosario Giuliani Quartet + Sax Quintet

Original Arrangement of "So What" by Miles Davis
Rosario Giuliani All Stars Sextet

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